Curtis “Head” Longenbaugh

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  Phone:(405) 510-3626

About Me

Hi, Curtis “Head” Longenbaugh here. Head Grower at SPENagri Farms. I first grew cannabis in 1977 by the reservoirs in Colorado Springs. A few potted plants and a lot of organic gardening through the next 15 years here in Oklahoma, and then… I got married. That led to buying a house with some land and a little privacy. Pots turned to 5 gallon buckets, lighting products improved, nutrients became “tailor made”, and the internet came along with all it’s “information”. I grew some pretty damn good pot in those buckets! Enough of the right people were turned on to my produce that eventually, after legalization, I was considered for an upcoming spot at SPENagri Farms. A short series of fortuitous events later, and here I am!